Veterinarian Reviews

Posted By : Sandi (Sandefer) Harper
Posted : 6/1/2012
Comments : I have 3 standard poodles, Roxi going to be sweet 16 her next birthday, Misti, soon to be 11 and Dude who is in his terrible 2s! And my newest baby is Dolly, the sweetest 8 yr old silky terrier that was my Mother's pride and joy. I first came to Dr. Pope 15 years ago when Roxi had a terrible ear infection. I had been to 2 different vets with her ear before him. By the time that we saw him Roxi's little ear drum had burst and we had to go though a slow process of getting her well. Dr. Pope has seen me through multiple issues with my babies. He has always been so kind and caring. As long as he is in practice when my babies are sick I won't take them to anyone else. I have always been very pleased with Dr. Pope and his staff. The staff, and sometimes Dr. Pope himself, always follows up on your visits and always returns your calls promptly. I would highly recommend Dr. Pope and his staff for any one that wants their beloved pets to have the best of care. A big thank you to Dr. Pope and his staff.

Posted By : Jarrod Calloway
Posted : 11/3/2011
Comments : Few of us truly ever find our "calling" in life and go on to do precisely what we were meant to do. Dr. Pope is most certainly an exception to this rule and he has gone out of his way to assist me and my pet in a variety of ways. Several years ago we moved out of the Memphis area and now live approximately an hour away. Even though there are literally dozens of other vets we could take our pets to, there is only one Ralph Pope and we will continue to use his services for as long as they are available. I can't thank Dr. Pope enough for all he has done for us.

Posted By : Noreen and Jim Sdoia 
Posted : 9/12/2011
Comments : There is no way we can thank Dr. Pope, Jackie and Andrew for the care and concern given to our dog Rosie. She loved all the hugs and kisses and especially the treats. As long as he has a practice, the Sdoia pets will be there.

Posted By : Sherrie Miller and Patrick Tamboli 
Posted : 5/13/2011
Comments : I don't even know where to begin. We have been so incredibly pleased with Dr. Pope and his staff. Everyone is friendly, caring, and empathetic. Questions are answered promptly and you never have to wait long for a phone call to be returned, often from Dr. Pope himself. We especially appreciate that Dr. Pope has allowed us to have input in the course of treatment for our pet and has respected our opinions and theories. I have never found another doctor or veterinarian to be so kind and patient. We have only been going to All Creatures Pet Hospital for a few weeks, but we are already loyal customers due to the amazing service we have received. Thank you Dr. Pope and staff!

Posted By : Jennifer Hessong 
Posted : 12/20/2010
Comments : Dr. Pope has been kind and caring with my dog, Lucky, who is receiving treatment for heartworms. Dr. Pope has fully explained the treatment and after care. He is readily available when I have questions. Andrew and Jackie are helpful and are always upbeat. My experiences with All Creatures has been excellent!

Posted By : Pam Lewis
Posted : 9/12/2010
Comments : Dr. Pope has been my husband's family's vet prior to 1981 when he was still an intern. He has seen the Lewis family through the life span of at least 8 dogs and cats. He is honest, trustworthy, and truly genuine. After two years, we finally have a new pet, and we'll be bringing her to Dr. Pope! There is not a finer vet in the Memphis vicinity.

Posted By : Kim Hightower
Posted : 8/1/2010
Comments : Dr. Pope has been our vet for 16 years. We live in Cordova and I would drive wherever he might be. He takes care of our pets as though they were his own. He is honest to a fault. We have a dog that has had health issues from since she was very little. She is 11 years old and he has "saved" her many times and taken as much time as needed with her and us. He is knowledgeable and keeps up to date with all new medicine and procedures. He has researched our dogs needs to the extreme to make sure he is giving her the best care, while keeping in mind we are not "millionaires". He is a GREAT vet and person and I would NEVER go anywhere except here.

Posted By : Lynda Morris
Posted : 11/3/2009
Comments : Dr. Pope has been our vet for 25 years or more and I would recommend him to any one that loves their pet and wants the finest care for that family member. He and his staff are dedicated to all creatures, large and small, and have always shown us and our pets the greatest compassion and care. What he does is way beyond "a job"...he is passionate about animals and it shows in the tender care he provides. How lucky we are that he is now in Collierville!

Posted By : Angela Cook 
Posted : 6/9/2009
Comments : Dr Pope, Thank you so much for taking good care of Minnie with our "poison scare". She is back to her old self already. Once again, it has been my pleasure to have you as our vet for almost 20yrs now, and I will continue to be your client as long as you are practicing, or you will let me. You and your staff are wonderful and I can't wait to spread the news to all my Collierville friends!

Posted By : Lesley Gilmer
Posted : 5/31/2009
Comments : Dr. Pope is an outstanding veterinarian. What I love about him is that he is always very honest and straightforward about whatever situation we are in . We have two cats with special needs and Dr. Pope has impressed me because his focus is always, always what is in their best interest. I drive 45 minutes to his practice and would drive even farther. His office is equipped with animals in mind. They will get the best care and his staff is amazing. I can tell they love all animals! My parents have an 18 year old dog and they even sent him all the way from Munford, TN so Dr. Pope could be the one to surgically remove a tumor. Sebastian will be 19 running the hills! Thank you, Dr. Pope.

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