Brushing your pets teeth

This task is easily accomplished with most dogs. Cats can be more of a challenge and this discussion is directed toward dog owners.  As most pet owners know, dogs and cats get significant dental disease as they age.  The best preventative is daily brushing with a veterinary-approved product.  We generally encourage people to restrain a dog with a leash or by having another family member hold the pet.  Use one hand to hold the mouth shut and then just brush the outsides of the teeth.  This should take 30-45 seconds.  Do not rinse.  The insides of the teeth can be brushed in very cooperative dogs but is not necessary.  Holding the mouth shut keeps a dog from chewing on the brush.  We find that daily brushing is required to be most effective.  Not only does this help the breath, it tends to promote healthier, happier pets!

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