• Bird Care-The Basics
    Birds are wonderful companions if certain caveats are kept in mind.  The first is to not get a bird unless you have some extra time for interaction and play....especially with Read more
  • Ferret Care-A Veterinary Perspective
    Ferrets are fun pets that are ideal for people looking for interactive friends that can be kept in relatively small quarters.  Since ferrets sleep a good bit, elaborate caging is Read more
  • Rabbits-A Veterinary Perspective
    Rabbits make wonderful pets for the right owners.  We generally try to avoid situations where very young children (under 5 years of age) are involved, unless parents are present for Read more
  • Brushing your pets teeth
    This task is easily accomplished with most dogs. Cats can be more of a challenge and this discussion is directed toward dog owners.  As most pet owners know, dogs and cats Read more
  • Reptile Care
    As many of you reptile enthusiasts already know, good husbandry is the key to a healthy pet.  Almost without fail, sick reptiles are presented to our hospital because the cage Read more

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